Dottie’s Paper Making Technique


    With paper all is possible if you have imagination, patience, time and good ole messy work place.  Within the images below is paper pulped from cotton and abaca linters, as well as a variety of recycled papers.  Adding leaves, flowers from local plants (rhubarb and iris leaves for instance) make wonderful texture as do dried flowers and grasses.  For color there are dry and liquid pigment specifically adapted for paper but I’ve used acrylic paint, dye as well.  I also paint on a piece after it has dried.  Another option is to use colored papers.  

    Feathers, twine, beads, etc. are utilized from my stash of recycled treasures to create a piece of art. 

    I’ve been making paper approximately 15 years, in the spring and again in the fall.  Utilizing plant material while its fresh is easiest to work with.  I find it to be a fascinating medium that lends to constant exploration.


Variety is the spice of life

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